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C.P.R. for the Soul: A Believer Dealing with His Sim

C.P.R. for the Soul: A Believer Dealing with His Sim

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The Bible is clear! Beyond all doubt you are forgiven! Not merely for the sins before your conversion to Christ but forever! “I write unto you, little children because your sins are forgiven you for His name’s sake” (I John 2:12). There it is my friend! It’s in black and white! All your sins for all time have been forgiven! You have Eternal Forgiveness!


Eternal Forgiveness

Eternal Forgiveness is the Bible teaching that every saved sinner is forgiven for all sins past-present-future, on the Cross at the moment of Christ’s crucifixion, and this forgiveness is bestowed upon every sinner at the moment of his salvation, to last forever!“For by one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified...and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more”. Hebrews 10:14,17

“But what do I do if I sin?”
This question has been posed to me often by those who first learn of the blessings of Eternal Forgiveness. “If I’m already forgiven, and if confession in-order-to-be-forgiven is not necessary, what, if anything is necessary?” It is in an effort to answer this question that this book has been prepared. 


There are three aspects of sin under consideration; the penalty of sin, the practice of sin, and the purification from sin. Because the penalty of sin has been paid does not mean that you will not continue to practice or participate in sin. What then? The purification from sin. Paul addresses this in II Cor 6:14-7:1 (see p. 3).


“Let us cleanse ourselves”
The message of this book is precisely how to do that, how to cleanse yourself. The author lays out a clear formula to help you; “C.P.R.” , an acronym for “Confess”, “Praise”, and “Repent”. By following the principles laid out in this book, you will have first-hand knowledge of how to live the victorious Christian life and how to grow in holiness!


Good reading my friend!

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