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The Biblical Path to Marital Victory

The Biblical Path to Marital Victory

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There Is Hope For Your Marriage

A husband with tears running down his face lamented, “There is no hope for my marriage!” He had tried everything he knew; he had read books, and sought counseling, but through it all, he was never given a strategic plan to follow. For any Christian marriage or home to enjoy the blessings of God, it must have a plan. Fortunately, God has given us a master plan of lasting change and victory. That is the theme of this book. Future books in the Marriage Series will build on this plan, but this book establishes it and explains it for the reader. It is all based on one verse of Scripture which captures the essence of the entire Biblical approach.


“But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you.” -Romans 6:17


Included in these few words is life-changing Biblical wisdom which guides the reader through the steps needed for a victorious and satisfying marriage.  The first step is the mind and its true beliefs called “doctrine”. When the mind fully embraces the truth, it is passed down to the “heart” where it is wed to the emotions thus forming a passionate conviction, and then the heart empowers and energizes the will to “obey”.  To skip a step is to invite disaster, and most married couples have already skipped the first step. They entered marriage largely on emotions and neglected the Biblical “doctrine” of marriage. As the author writes in these pages; “...most couples spend more time planning their wedding than their marriage.”


The author is uniquely qualified to explain God’s plan as he has employed it for years in his counseling with great success. He recalls one couple who came for counseling who were already divorced! And yet, God in His mercy revived their love and they are now happily married. He is known in America as the “Marriage Doctor”, and as such he has a prescription for your marriage. By reading this book and the others in the Marriage Series, you will find ageless and time-tested Biblical wisdom and methods which will bring new health and hope to any marriage.


Happy reading my friend!

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