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The Myths of Marriage

The Myths of Marriage

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Satan is called “the father of lies”, a title he has earned through deception in every area of the Christian life. He began his criminal career in the first marriage when he used a lie to convince Eve to sin, and he continues it to this day.

Of course, he especially targets God’s special creations. What God creates, Satan hates, and he especially hates marriage. He has made it the target of some of his most evil lies, some of which are discussed in this book.  These particular lies were chosen by the author because they are among the most constant and frequent ones he hears in his marriage counseling.



But its not enough to merely identify the lies, there must be a way to overcome them. And that is the purpose of this book. Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.  Just as lies can destroy, the truth rebuilds. Any marriage which desires a revival must identify Satan’s lies, reject them,  and replace them with God’s truth. This book will help you to do just that! These particular  lies called “myths” are the subject of this book.


“The Honeymoon Fever Will Last Forever”

“Complicated Problems Have Easy Resolutions”

“Its Not My Fault”

“Love is All You Need”

“I Married the Wrong Person”

“Yew Cain’t Revive What Ain’t Alive”


May you find true freedom and marital revival from studying the truths which counters these lies. Happy reading my friend!




Jim Binney loves the Filipino people so much that he married one! He and his wife, Maria, partner together in a ministry located in Tagaytay City called Shepherds Care Ministries International which specializes in the counseling and training of Filipino Christian leaders. He is a professor of Biblical Counseling in the Philippines Baptist Bible School, Cavite where he teaches a Master’s program. He is also an author, conference speaker, and radio broadcaster on two stations in the Philip

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