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Prayer of Preparation: "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"

Prayer of Preparation: "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"

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Everyone is in a hurry! We don’t want to wait! We don’t like delays! We live in an age of the instant! Years ago, when a Russian immigrant first came to America, he was in awe of the fully stocked grocery stores with food in abundance.  When he saw all the “instant” and “powdered” products, he was overjoyed with the scientific advances of American grocers. He saw things he had never heard of before; instant powdered potatoes, instant powdered coffee, instant powdered orange juice, instant powdered tea. Everything it seem was instant and powered. Instant-instant-instant! Powdered-powdered-powdered! Then he saw an even more amazing product; baby powder. He said to himself; “America is a wonderful country!”


Christians like the instant also; especially instant answers to prayer. We love to quote all the familiar promises of God related to guaranteed answers, and immediately pour forth our petitions to God. But much like the misguided lady who prayed for “A long pink Cadillac, in Jesus’ name!” and was disappointed to look out her kitchen window onto an empty driveway, we get discouraged in our prayer life.


There is an answer! And that is to make preparations for an effective prayer life. Preparation precedes blessings! This is true in every area of life but especially in our prayer life.



But how does one prepare for prayer? He must learn how to pray the prayer of preparation. What this means and how to enjoy it in your life is what this book is all about. Prepare yourself to be prepared for an exciting prayer life! Happy reading my friend!

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